Maintenance Clean - From £85

This package is ideally suited to customers who have recently either had their car detailed or fully valeted. 

The maintenance clean is a perfect way of refreshing the exterior look of your car.

Maintenance cleans can take place every 2- 4 weeks after the car has been either detailed or fully valeted keeping it fresh, shiny and in showroom condition.

  • Jet wash wheels.
  • Spray wheels with non-acidic wheel cleaner and fallout removers.
  • Clean face of wheel and behind with brushes and wheel woollies.
  • Jet wash cleaner off to leave clean wheels.
  • Jet wash car down removing contaminant from the car.
  • Wash car using 2 bucket wash method and PH neutral shampoo with Dooka wash mitt.
  • Jet wash car to remove shampoo.
  • Dry car with jumbo drying towels and use of forced air dryer for tight areas.
  • Apply gloss enhancing quick detailer spray to the car to add levels of gloss to the protected exterior.
  • Glass cleaned throughout.
  • Exhaust pipes cleaned if applicable.
  • Tyres dressed with UV protectant dressing.

Add Interior Clean - From £15 (Prices vary on size dependant)

*Please note, heavily soiled cars may incur an extra charge.

Estimated time of completion- 2-3 Hours.

Siramik Approved Detailer-

SC15 is a leading range coating, it is high in active content and water contact angle is over 100 degrees, It also has had introduced to the chemical make up a further 15% additional catalyst to increase initial cure time and smoother application. With correct maintenance, it will last into years not months.

Areas Covered

I live in Rainham Medway with the unit based in Sittingbourne Swale and regularly travel to clients with facilities to meet their needs.  

Although unit based, if you were happier for me to work on your car at a desired location (provided there is space and amenities) I am more than happy to do so, please feel free to get in touch for a quotation.  

Unit Facilites 

My unit is based in Sittingbourne, Swale on the Eurolink Industrial Estate. When booking your vehicle in at TheMattFinish you are guaranteed of security and optimal conditions to adequately prepare your vehicle to the highest standard. Due to the advancement of chemistry in the latest products a stabilised controlled environment is essential on the curing ability of modern ceramic coatings. The unit is easy to find being 5 minutes from the local train station and easily accessible from the M2/M20 

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