Car Detailing

The Matt Finish offers a specialist detailing service based in Sittingbourne Kent. Click here for more details on the unit

Although unit based we also have the facilities to offer mobile detailing solutions to cover the United Kingdom, a quotation can be provided on request. 

Detailing takes car care to another level, the ability to reduce and remove defects such as swirl marks, hazing and holograms etc using various instruments such as paint depth garages I have the ability to measure paintwork and offer scratch removal where possible. 

Paint measurements are digitally taken before any machine polishing commences, this allows an understanding of the characteristics of the paintwork for the detail ahead.

The Matt Finish is fully insured, and every car is treated the same regardless of mark or value 

Correction Detail

Porsche 911 Sport Classic


Detailing services;

  • Comprehensively Insured and Approved with CCTV and Police alarm setup on the Premises 
  • Enclosed Insured Collection and Delivery Available through a trusted 3rd party 
  • Xpel Self Healing PPF- 10-year manufacturer warranty 
  • Free local collection and delivery available for unit services
  • A Bespoke range of Details offered from Vehicle correction, Classic car restoration to Alloy wheel refurbishment & many more

Winter Protection Details are washed in the same safe wash process as all of our processes and are polished with a mild abrasive to give the paintwork a smooth and clean finish. The protection is then applied to give you around 3-6 months durability depending on the use of the vehicle and where it is stored.

Don't fall foul to the dealership sell when buying a new car. The products they apply are more often than not very cheap to purchase and applied with no preparation to the vehicles paintwork often leads to failure of the claims applied to them. Get your new pride and joy dealt with the right way from the start by booking with The Matt Finish.

This is by far the most popular package that I offer to my new and existing clients. By removing around 60-80% of all surface marks such as swirl marks, wash hazing, holograms etc the car's paintwork is machined using a combination of techniques and products to leave a deep wet, glossy look. This is the perfect balance for those owners who want a superbly presented car but don't need the car as close to 100%

This package is for those who want the ultimate finish for their vehicle. The paintwork will be machine polished to as close to 100% as possible without bringing the paintworks clearcoat and longevity in doubt leaving the car close to perfect.

Times are changing slightly and instead of paying to have your pride and joy resprayed you can now have it transformed with a wrap or by buying a frozen or matte colour from the dealership. These finishes cannot be dealt with in the same way as normal painted surfaces and need specialist products to clean and protect them.

A common problem found on older cars is that light emitted by the headlights is obscured by cloudy/misted over plastic lenses. Learn more about what this package entails by clicking below. 

With the winter months descending on us, our window wipers are put under severe strain as they have to work hard through all the rain we receive.  Have your windscreen coated with our windscreen coating, which makes it easier driving in the heavy rain without having to use your wipers excessively. 

At TheMattFinish I understand that wheels can make or break a car as once they have become scratched, scuffed, dented or pitted the overall appearance of the vehicle is ruined.

I am able to offer alloy wheel refurbishment restoring rims to a factory finish through a selected and trusted 3rd party company who I have been using for the past few years.

  • Protect your paintwork from stone chips and minor damage
  • Available in gloss and matte finishes
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Bespoke precision cut pattern designed in-house
  • Self-healing
  • In house bespoke design team 


Why not have your interior treated to the professional approach whilst it is in my caring hands. From a quick dust and hoover to deep clean of your leather I will be able to meet your needs. 


Bella The Bus before the Commonwealth Games Tour

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