Maintenance Clean

This package is ideally suited to customers who have recently either had their car detailed or fully valeted. 

The maintenance clean is a perfect way of refreshing the exterior look of your car.

Maintenance cleans can take place every 2- 4 weeks after the car has been either detailed or fully valeted keeping it fresh, shiny and in showroom condition.

  • Jet wash wheels.
  • Spray wheels with non-acidic wheel cleaner and fallout removers.
  • Clean face of wheel and behind with brushes and wheel woollies.
  • Jet wash cleaner off to leave clean wheels.
  • Jet wash car down removing the contaminant from the car.
  • Wash car using 2 bucket wash method and PH neutral shampoo with Dooka wash mitt.
  • Jet wash car to remove shampoo.
  • Dry car with jumbo drying towels and use of forced air dryer for tight areas.
  • Apply gloss enhancing quick detailer spray to the car to add levels of gloss to the protected exterior.
  • Glass cleaned throughout.
  • Exhaust pipes cleaned if applicable.
  • Tyres dressed with UV protectant dressing.


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