New Car Detail

At The Matt Finish, I understand that a newly acquired vehicle can be a costly experience.

At the end of the purchase, the majority of dealerships will try to upsell a protection package from many different companies such as Guard X, Superguard, Lifeshine etc.  

What is not disclosed to you is generally the cars are normally well below standards that a new car's condition should come in at, and when the protection applied via their valeters that are normally rushed it seals in marks caused in transportation and the wash stage at the dealership. This, therefore, will not give the protection that you have was sold and described in the purchase.

At The Matt Finish, I take away this part of the stressful process. I offer a thorough package, which will remove any paintwork inflicted swirls from the transport process and dealer washes.  The protection chosen will also give the protection that your car deserves as it heads out onto the open roads. This can with the dealerships permission mean that your car can have the treatment it deserves all before you come to pick up your new purchase.

Due to the nature of this process, this package must be completed indoors. This can be provided at TheMattFinish HQ in Sittingbourne or at a client choosing with adequate space and amenities if not available to be carried out at the dealership. Click here for more details on the unit



Here is a detailed explanation of what goes into getting your car ready;

  • Jet wash wheels.
  • Spray wheels with non acidic wheel cleaner.
  • Clean face of wheel and behind with brushes and wheel woollies.
  • Apply iron fallout remover to the wheels.
  • Tar remover applied if needed to the wheels.
  • Jet wash cleaner off to leave clean wheels.
  • General purpose applied to arches and allowed to dwell before agitation with various brushes.
  • Arches jet washed to remove all road grime and dirt.
  • Jet wash car down to remove loose contaminants.
  • Snow foam applied to the car and allowed to dwell.
  • Shuts and intricate areas cleaned with various brushes and all-purpose cleaner.
  • Jet washed down to remove snow foam.
  • Wash car using 2 bucket wash method and PH neutral shampoo with Dooka wash mitt.
  • Jet wash car to remove shampoo.
  • Car clay bared using a fine grade clay and lubricant.
  • Iron fallout remover applied to the car to remove contamination.
  • Tar removed if applicable.
  • Snow foam applied to the car and allowed to dwell.
  • Jet wash to remove snow foam.
  • Dry car with jumbo drying towels and use of forced air dryer for tight areas.
  • Car treated to a single stage machine polish to add more depth and gloss.
  • A full IPA wipedown to remove any oils on the paintwork.
  • Car treated to a full coat of paintwork cleanse to help bonding of wax or sealant.
  • A choice of waxes or spray sealants applied to the car and removed with plush microfibers.
  • Glass cleaned throughout.
  • Exhaust pipes cleaned if applicable.
  • Tyres dressed with uv protectant dressing.
  • Mats and cloth seats fabric sealant is applied to them.
  • Leather is cleaned and protected
  • Dash cleaned.
  • Glass cleaned throughout and protected
  • Wheels waxed

Estimated time of completion- 8-72 Hours.





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